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We Speak Puppy was founded in 2012 to realize three women’s individual dreams. One dreamed about leveraging her love of animals and experience in licensed product. One dreamed of using her immense talent in photography, and marrying that with her love of animals. One dreamed of making a future out of her love of helping puppies find the right home with a forever family!

These three “petreprenuers,” “bigdogs,” “doggie and puppy-whisperers,” in their respective fields of expertise have come together to use their experience, know-how, and lively personalities to bring to the national and international community a new fresh look at puppy photography.

Linda Castillon wears a number of hats and handles a multiple of tasks: setting the stage for clever, cute set-ups for the puppies: styling the shots; and, bonding and winning the trust of eight to sixteen week old babies photo-shoot after photo-shoot. Elizabeth Winterbourne helps Linda with the creative content, and photographs each award-winning image of the puppies. D’Anna Lilly provides the team a fresh crop of assorted puppies used in these photographs, week after week. She chooses the puppies to be featured, and then finds these little cuties their forever homes.

In addition to the We Speak Puppy website, we operate several sister websites that you should visit: We Speak Yorkie, Four Herons, The Licensing Guru, and other “Direct To Consumer,” websites. On all of our sites, you can purchase licensed images for product development, photographs for wall art, or connect to find the puppy of your choice!

We believe in the theory of “Multiple Streams of Income!” And, as such we are starting as many DTC websites as we can manage to cover all of our own interests.

The team at WSP® and The Licensing Guru are ever evolving, and are either developing or helping to develop exciting products, licensed properties, prototypes or brands. The Licensing Guru helps artists develop their own Brands and Creative content that combine a commitment to quality with inspired creativity to develop brands people can connect with. Together, all the members of the MSI, Inc., broader team possess a depth and breadth of capability across all areas of brand creation, content development, product development, marketing, business development, consulting, and operational management.

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