Licensing and Services

The We Speak PuppyTM brand is a whole new genre of puppy photography.

After a combined 25 years total of assorted licensing, brand building, brand management, product development, and consulting experience, the team at WSP is very familiar with the current puppy photography available on the market, as well as the qualities and services that LICENSEES are looking for when working with a brand.

We took all of our years of expertise and our knowledge of products development, and used it to create our mission statement.


  • Above all else, We Speak Puppy’s company is mission is to bring joy, happiness, and love to the world by creating fun, unique, and colorful images of adorable puppies. We then either license out our images, or build wonderful and creative products for customers to purchase directly.
  • All puppy photography by We Speak Puppy will exemplify our motto: BRIGHT. BOLD. COLORFUL. CREATIVE.TM
  • Licensing is a RELATIONSHIP business. We take our relationships with our licensees seriously, and we will ensure working with We Speak Puppy to be a long-lasting, easy, and profitable experience for all licensees.
  • We refuse to be “just another” puppy photography brand. The entire team at WSP pledges to research market trends, to listen to our licensees’ requests, and to use all available information to come up with new photo shoots that are unlike any other puppy photography on the market.
  • We value our licensees! Our promise to our licensees is if they have any suggestions for photography, or any specific requests, we will do our absolute best to not only get any requested images, but we will move them to the front of our photography schedule.
  • We are a 21st Century Licensor! As a result, we are proud to invest our time and marketing resources into harnessing the power of social media, viral marketing content, and any licensee marketing opportunities that come up – as long as our puppies are treated with the utmost care, love, and respect!
  • We Speak Puppy is committed to the well-being and the happiness of not only our puppies, but animals worldwide. As our company grows, we will invest our time, money, and resources into charities working for the welfare of puppies, grown dogs, and all animals around the world.

    We are happy to review any applications for licensing We Speak Puppy’s photography. We offer the options to buy photography as stock images, or to license our photography for product development.

    To find out more about becoming a licensee, please contact us or contact Linda Castillon directly at lindacastillon (at)