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Linda Castillon

Linda Castillon has been a successful licensing executive for over twenty years. She’s worked to help a number of companies make millions of dollars selling an assortment of licensed products. Whether licensed with a sports league, an entertainment property or brand, Linda has seamlessly maneuvered around in the licensing industry, and “knows who does what, where, and at what price!”

“We Speak Puppy,” is an offshoot idea of Linda Castillon, who has had a life-long obsession with animals, especially dogs. As part of her “Multiple Streams of Income” belief, she bought the domain name for so that she could work on one of her passions: Working with animals, specifically puppies! Her idea was to feature images and photographs of puppies of all types of breeds for purposes of “licensing out,” to consumer product companies and manufacturers.

WSP was finally developed in 2012, with the help of Elizabeth Winterbourne, Scott Winterbourne, and D’Anna Lilly.

In addition to her career in licensing, as well as building the WSP, Licensing Guru, and MSI, Inc. brands, Linda has also been a featured speaker at both the San Diego State University as well as University of San Diego. She has also just helped to complete a new college-level text book, used for MBA’s and under grads in Sports Marketing and Marketing programs focused on Licensing (specifically Sports Licensing). So, Linda Castillon can now say with all honesty that she, “…helped to write the book on Licensing!”

Elizabeth Winterborne

Most kids grow up wanting to be firefighters, police officers, teachers, doctors, and other core jobs in the workforce.

Elizabeth Winterbourne grew up wanting to be a dog show judge.

While she hasn’t quite reached that dream, yet, Elizabeth has built a solid career around building, marketing, and selling consumer products over the past eight years. This brought much career satisfaction to Elizabeth; but, something was missing…


After Linda rediscovered Elizabeth’s long-dormant photography talents in 2011, the two looked for opportunities to find a way to combine their mutually shared passions of licensed consumer products, and all-things puppy. “We Speak Puppy” is the happy result of these efforts.

In addition to collaborating with Linda on the creative direction, Elizabeth Winterbourne photographs, edits, and does some light Photoshop work as necessary on the final photos available to the public. She is also responsible for coaxing the special name out of every puppy photographed.

Along with puppies (and animals in general) and photography, Elizabeth’s other main passion is travel. Elizabeth and her husband, Scott Winterbourne, have traveled to 14 countries, and many, major US cities. To view her travel photography available for licensing and purchase, please visit our sister site of

Scott Winterborne

Scott Winterbourne has worked in the computer software and engineering fields for over a decade. He is an expert in e-commerce and web-development, building and launching over forty, successful consumer-facing websites in his career.

As the CTO of We Speak Puppy, Scott is responsible for the website, and all engineering aspects related to the photography. He is also responsible for making sure Elizabeth Winterbourne doesn’t come home with a puppy (or four) from every photo shoot.

Along with puppies, his personal interests include all things geeky and techie, including Star Trek and programming.

D’Anna Lilly

D’Anna Lilly is a woman of many trades! In addition to being a wife as well as a mother to two sons, she’s worked as a former administrator for a critical care practice in San Diego; as a Forensic administrator for the forensic medical unit at the San Diego Family Justice Center; and, she is currently a real estate investor with multiple income properties. D’Anna has truly been living the “Multiple Streams of Income” life for well over a decade.

D’Anna, long known to her friends and family as a guru when it comes to dogs, started her “puppy whispering” business in 2006. The mission was, and continues to be supporting the highest-quality puppies that exemplify the best-features of their breeds. She makes sure that all of these “pick of the litter” puppies find safe, loving homes, completely free of puppy mills and other substandard industries that exploit dogs and puppies.

As our team’s official “puppy whisperer” and guru, D’Anna finds the best and cutest puppies for WSP’s photo shoots. She then ensures that they find their “forever homes”. She is also the team’s puppy supervisor, ensuring that all of the puppies are well-taken care of, and advising on best practices with each individual puppy’s unique personality.